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The 2 Lisa's, event and wedding entertainment blog: March 2021.

Seven ways to keep children entertained and happy at your wedding.

Article published: 12th March 2021, by Lisa Truscott on behalf of The 2 Lisa's

You’ve set your date, booked your venue, chosen your wedding band and photographer. . . next is the guest list. This can be one of the hardest things to do. And within this comes the decision about whether to include children at your wedding or not.

If the answer is yes and the little ones are invited, stop and have a think about their day as well as yours. A wedding can seem very exciting, but in reality it’s a long day for kids of any age. You need to think about how to keep them entertained and limit the chances of a screaming child during your speeches (you’re already nervous enough right?!?).Children playing at a wedding at Cornish Camels.

There are lots of ways to do this and for those on a budget or with a creative flair there are plenty of ideas you can do yourself. Classics include activity packs on tables, giant garden games, a Play-Doh area, I-Spy or a Scavenger Hunt.

Or your venue might have things in place already. For example the gorgeous Cornish Camels on the lizard has a sandpit and a traditional playground area available if desired.

Have a chat with your caterer and see if they can create a kids friendly meal option. Think what you would have wanted as a child at a wedding and try to plan the best day ever for them. You might consider hiring professional childcare or a mobile crèche for the day if you have lots of little ones coming. Make your day as hassle free as possible.

We’ve listed some of our favourite professional entertainment options below. And remember. . . some of them are not just for kids!!

1. Face Painter

A tiger? A fairy? A clown? The sun or moon? This option can be great for older kids as well as the young ones, giving them a glamorous edge by adding glitter and making them feel like an adult putting their make up on. How about an intricate flower design cascading down the side of the face? Or their favourite superhero? The options really are endless and nothing is too much for a professional wedding face painter.

2. Animals

What child doesn’t love animals and want to pet them? Mobile petting zoos are an option, or take a look at Gwel An Mor to whet your appetite. A stunning venue on the North Coast of Cornwall, Gwel An Mor has resident animals in the attached Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre. With reindeers, wallabies and birds to name just a few, this is a great option to keep the kids entertained for a while - and offer a little education as well. This idea also makes wonderful memories for your adult guests and creates some great photo opportunities.

3. Bouncey Castle

When you first think of a bouncy castle you might imagine a brightly coloured castle that would really clash with your colour scheme. But do not fear! These days you can hire a white wedding styled bouncy castle so no problem there!! And who doesn’t love a bouncy castle? The only problem will be resisting the urge to bounce around yourself after a few too many proseccos!

4. Circus Workshops

Perfect for any wedding – circus themed or otherwise – a circus skills workshop will certainly keep the little ones busy, laughing and entertained. And they will also learn a new skill while they’re at it! Plate spinning, juggling, diabolo and hula hoop are all part of a circus skills workshop. Your workshop providers may also be able to do a performance – either for the children or for all the guests in the main space. This is the perfect way for kids to get rid of pent up energy at a wedding. And your big guests are welcome to join in too!

Circus workshops with The 2 Lisa's. Wedding circus workshop. Circus workshop for wedding entertainment.

Circus Workshops from The 2 Lisa's

5. Balloon Modeller

Watch as a simple balloon gets twisted into a dinosaur or a unicorn, a flower or a giraffe. How about Spiderman or even a stunning bride? With a good, professional balloon modeller, the options are endless and most will be able to honour requests. A lot of them will also throw in some comedy as a natural side show and maybe even some magic. And the best part of a balloon modeller is the kids get to keep the balloons afterwards and be entertained by them long after the modeller has left.

6. Soft Play

Ask a kid what their favourite thing to do is. A lot of them will answer soft play. So why not provide them with a soft play space during your big day? Bingo!! Safe and fun, the kids can have a whale of a time creating and playing in this stimulating environment. You can have extras like a ball pit, or find a company that will do a package with this and a bouncy castle. And similar to the bouncy castle, you may be able to find a set in white, silver, or in a colour theme if you desire.

7. Bubble Artist

Otherwise known as a Bubbleologist, this can be booked as a mix and mingle roaming performer, or a show for your young guests to sit and watch. We’ve had the joy of performing alongside Bubbleologists in the past and it is truly amazing to watch them create sculptures from bubbles. We feel lucky just to get a long stream of bubbles going! No doubt the kids will get to have a go as well and who doesn’t love to blow bubbles? Kids and adults alike! Your performer may finish off with the ultimate trick of a person inside a bubble – truly baffling.

Child inside a bubble with BubbleJo. A billion bubbles at a childrens event by Bubble Show UK The latest bubble hat from Bubble Show UK

Photos from Bubble Show UK

So ...

Although these are our favourites, it’s by no means an exhaustive list. Which ones are your favourites? If you’d like more information on the circus workshops then please get in touch. Likewise we can recommend a good balloon artist, bubbleologist and face painters. Let us know what you decide.

Thank you for reading.

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