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The 2 Lisa's, event and wedding entertainment blog: June 2021.

How to entertain your guests at an intimate wedding

Article published: 2nd June 2021, by Lisa Truscott on behalf of The 2 Lisa's

“How do I entertain my guests at my small and intimate wedding?”
“Government restrictions don’t allow us to dance. What can I do that’s different?”
These are just a couple of the questions that we are happy to answer for you at the moment.

As government restrictions lift and we are allowed bigger gatherings again, there are still limits on how many guests you can have and what they can do. Our next wedding booking came in as soon as the government confirmed we could go ahead with 30 guests. Our bride to be was so happy to be able to go ahead, but concerned about how to entertain her guests when they weren’t allowed to dance. What could she do that was different to having a band or DJ? Whilst we normally work perfectly alongside your more usual forms of wedding and event entertainment, at the moment we could be the answer to your prayers.

The 2 Lisa's performing doubles hoop. Aerial rig decorated for wedding performances. The 2 Lisas - wedding entertainment.

The 2 Lisa's - Providing self sufficient aerial performances on their aerial rig.

Before and after the handfasting ceremony

For this particular wedding we will be performing some aerial bartending as we pour prosecco from above, topping up the guests glasses before and after their hand fasting ceremony.

Aerial bartending by The 2 Lisa's. Aerial bartending from a hoop by The 2 Lisa's. Champagne pouring by The 2 Lisa's.

The 2 Lisa's - Aerial bartending and champagne pouring

We will follow this with a performance - an aerial act on the hoop. The performance and aerial bartending will all be outside - guests are allowed to come up and have their glasses topped up outside, whereas inside it’s table service only and so slightly trickier to do from the air! One joy of a last minute booking is it’s great to be able to see the upcoming forecast!

CLisa Truscott performing solo hoop Doubles hoop - The 2 Lisas. Lisa Whitmore performing solo hoop.

The 2 Lisa's - Aerial hoop performances

After dinner

Then, after dinner, once everyone is inside, just when you thought everything that could be done was done, her guests will be wowed by a hula hoop act. Most of us struggle just to keep one hula hoop going around the waist. But Lisa T keeps all four hoops going seemingly effortlessly as she entertains with her upbeat and fun act.

Hula hooping at Carbis Bay - Lisa Truscott. Lisa Truscott hula hooping Lisa Truscott hula hooping four hoops at Carbis Bay

The 2 Lisa's - Hula hooping by Lisa Truscott

So ...

After all that, once the rig is packed away, we will leave the newly wed couple to enjoy the rest of their evening, remembering the special memories created, that are so different to what they planned for however many months ago. This is their third attempt to tie the knot and it’s going to be so special. We can’t wait to get back to performing at your special day. We love our job and have missed it so much.

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